If you can't anymore judge a book by its cover: exhibition of a selection of original "Workwear" at the Triennale PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 04 August 2014 12:38
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There was an era in which dressing was a necessity, when being clothed was the only way to combat the cold and fluctuating temperatures, the only way to cover your nakedness.
Then slowly, gradually, clothing was no longer simply a way to protect our fragile bodies from the elements and it became a social distinction, a recognizable symbol of status, impossible to misinterpret. This occurred because of the hierarchical distinction of individuals, a result of the subdivision into different classes.  
Over time, it gradually became possible to identify a person based on their attire; clothes were synonymous with class, profession and lifestyle. At a glance you could distinguish a lawyer from a priest, a mechanic from a sailor.

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From left side, "Abito della raccoglitrice di carote" di Colomba Leddi, "Tuttatuta" by Clara Rota, "Abito del latore di buone notizie" by Matteo Guarnaccia, "Abito dell'innamorato" by Dea Curic, "Mirabelle Shining Star" by Melizza Zexter, "Oraval" by Nathalie Du Pasquier


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Conservatorio22 Business Centre: your prestigious office in Milan PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 31 July 2014 14:56
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As taken as we are by tradition, we never stop thinking about how to optimize office expenses, how to optimize staff, and how to offer the most efficient service while reducing costs.
Whether the need be temporary or permanent, there are numerous advantages to having your own office within a business center in downtown Milan.
In fact, the business center is located near Piazza San Babila, one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Milan both in terms of shopping and business, in a 5-story building entirely designed to meet the needs of both companies and independent professionals.
The property offers a variety of office spaces (from 12 square meters, enough for those who don’t need a lot of space, up to 150 square meters that can also be used as a showroom) as well as conference rooms, and secretarial assistance.

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Coaching: Fashion blogging, sviluppo e gestione strategica di un prodotto vincente PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 10 April 2014 14:00
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There are no translations available. Suitable only for the Italian market.


Il successo del fenomeno fashion blog va contestualizzato tenendo presenti due fattori fondamentali: il primo, legato al culmine di un processo di democratizzazione della moda che è costantemente in evoluzione dagli anni ’80, il secondo, visceralmente connesso a Internet e al mutamento del canonico paradigma di comunicazione, oggi sempre più vicino al libero scambio di informazione e alla caduta definitiva di barriere, in materia di spazio, tempo e gerarchie. Ognuno è in grado di esprimere il proprio personale punto di vista legato al mondo della moda. Ma è solo questo che fa il fashion blogger?

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Massimo Vello Venice: innovative garments inspired by the timeless city PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 29 July 2014 09:51
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“To love and respect your own work is already a personal win”: says the designer Massimo Vello upon opening his own website.

Unbridled satisfaction shines through his words when discussing his achievements to date, which have given him a certain reputation with his audience: a tightknit circle of connoisseurs.

His creations clearly reveal the artist’s birthplace, a city that has won the heart of millions of people who love timeless and unique beauty: Venice.



san marco donna



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